Final report

This project was delayed to the massive earthquake that struck Nepal in April 2015. Unfortunately, University Grant Commission, Ministry of Science & Technology withdrew their commitment to support this school. So the project was downscaled for 35 participants instead of the original 120 participants

NSAS was conducted during 20-23 December 2016 successfully. The budget of the School was US Dollar 31000 when it was applied to OAD. We reduced the expenses and plan it down to US Dollar 8000. We have planned for 35 participants, 3 experts and 3 tutors. Before it was planned for 120 participants with 10 experts and 10 tutors.

Our participants came from all over the nation, spend 9 AM to 6 PM in the school and completed three sets of work by performing random simulation to understand the spatial orientation of galaxies in the clusters and Superclusters. This was a good achievement. Three participants (Mr. Arjun Gautam, Mr. Janak Ratna Malla and Mr. Bhanu Bhakta Sapkota) of NSAS is now enrolled as Ph.D. students in the department (under my supervision). We have collaborated with Prof. Water Saurer’s group (Institute of Astrophysics, Innsbruck University, Austria) for these Ph.D. projects. This is the major achievement of NSAS 2016

Project report (PDF)