Discover the Universe – e la decouverte de l’Univers – Online workshop for worldwide French teachers

Discover the Universe (AÌ€ la découverte de l’Univers) is a Canadian-based program offering free online astronomy workshops for educators. Over the past 4 years, we have reached over 750 teachers and informal educators from all across Canada with extremely positive comments and feedback. Our typical workshop lasts three weeks and includes a weekly webinar on different subject plus activities for participants to do on their own. Everything is accessible on the internet and the webinar can be watched synchronously or asynchronously (recording). All our activities are offered in French and English. While our programs are offered to Canadian educators, we usually get a few international participants, especially in our French workshops. This brought the idea of offering an international workshop for teachers. Since it is harder to find good French resources in astronomy online, we would focus our efforts on a French workshop to begin. As we are already running such webinars, we could use our existing website and resources and adapt them to an international audience. Our plan is therefore: “¢ To offer a FREE 3-week online workshop for teachers covering basic concepts in astronomy (motions of the Earth, moon, solar system, observing the night sky…); “¢ This workshop would be offered entirely via the internet, with a weekly webinar. We also offer activities do to in class as well as digital resources (slides, images, links to interesting websites…). “¢ Our marketing strategy would be to reach many French-speaking teachers from developing countries, especially in Africa. Discover the Universe is offered in Canada by the Canadian Astronomical Society, the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and the Fédération des astronomes amateurs du Québec.