Chinese Ancient Poetry Astrophotography

Our ancestors are closer to the night sky than we are. Celestial objects such as the Sun, the Moon, the milky way, star constellations and comets are mentioned in many Chinese ancient poems and stories. The sky nearly never changes. We see the same sky as Li Bai, a Chinese famous poet, did 1200 years ago. Chinese people were taught ancient poems when they were very young, but were never taught the astronomy in the poems. In fact, parents and teachers do not know about them. The project will take pictures of the night sky according to the Chinese famous ancient poems. However, the people who know the poems do not know astronomy and photography, and the people who know astronomy do not know the poems and photography, and so on. Therefore, the project will absorb people with different background to work together: Chinese literature teachers: select astronomical poetry; Astronomers: explain the selected poems; Photographers: take pictures according to the selected poetry. The artist and designers: give good ideas of getting beautiful pictures. The slogan of the project: Appreciate Chinese Poetry night sky! By the Autumn of 2014, 40 pictures with Chinese poetry photography will be: Showing on the Beijing Planetarium website which can be downloaded all over the world. These pictures will show the Chinese Culture Vision Sky. 2) Exhibited in Beijing Planetarium exhibition hall. 3) Used as examples to unites and inspire more people to provide different culture astronomic poems and astrophotography for next exhibition and website content all over the world.






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