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Overview of Project

Project DarkSkySim aims to design a physical simulator that will demonstrate the effects of light pollution on the starry sky and the difference that well-designed lighting can make. The simulator will consist of a LED-based board simulating the starry sky and several light fixtures varying from full-cutoff dark-sky friendly lights to completely unshielded lights. The […]


This project is devoted to make a cross check between the signs in different part of the Globe and also detect the missing terms and, if it is possible, try to choose only one sign for all the deaf people on the world. At this moment we are translating to the English the book by […]

Overview of the project

Project leader: Dominique Proust, Project location: Global Project description: This project proposes the dissemination of a unique language for the deaf worldwide, associated with astronomical terms. While celestial objects are varied and the project can be expanded easily, the proposal will give special attention to the basic terms linked with the IYL2015, for example […]