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LIVE Streaming: Astronomers Without Borders- Astronomy for the development of STEM Education

Streamed live on 6 Aug 2014 Astronauts Ron Garan and Anousheh Ansari join us for this special AWB Hangout, “Astronomy In the Development of STEM Education”. Though often neglected in traditional educational systems, astronomy is an ideal way to present science and other technical fields in schools. With limited resources, especially in developing countries, astronomy […]

TEDx talk by OAD Visitor Wanda Diaz

“Wanda speaks about the wonderful and rarely-practiced skill of listening to the stars. To help her audience ‘see’ the world as she does, she encourages them to don blindfolds and listen to clips of the sounds stars make. An amazingly inspiring talk by an incredibly driven women who, regardless of her circumstance, has done incredible […]

EPS Conference: Physics for development movement ‘needs a strategy’

From SciDev ––2.html Mićo Tatalović 15/10/12 [BRUSSELS] The emerging global ‘physics for development’ movement needs a common strategy to define the field, a conference has heard. This would enable practitioners to work towards common goals of improving physics education and research, with a view to using results in development. The importance of such a […]