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I teach astronomy because…

This post was written by Jeremy Exelby. He grew up in Southern Africa where clear night skies stimulated an interest in astronomy that has remained with him ever since. Jeremy has worked in several countries in both hemispheres, and currently teaches close to the equator. He has made a number of optical and radio telescopes, and […]

Astrophysics Conference and Autumn School in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The National University of Mongolia, the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, and the East Asian Regional Node (EA-ROAD) recently hosted the first and largest conference in astrophysics in Mongolia. Prior to the start of the conference, the organizers held an Autumn School on binary and multiple stars for Mongolian and international astrophysics students. The formal conference […]

AstroSense@OAD – by Wanda Diaz

I arrived in South Africa on the 15 of March 2014, delightfully met by an old, young-by-age and full-of-life acquaintance from Ethiopia, Dr Solomon Belay! A colleague from Zambia, Mr Prospery Simpemba, and another from Namibia, Dr. Michael Backes, were also there, getting ready to attend Scifest Africa, the biggest science festival in Africa, where […]