Asrtoparty is held every year and its ninth edition was held in this year. The first Astroparty was held in 2005, when it was organized at regional level, but in this year its range has became wider.More and more people show interest in that party. Owing to it a lot of new Astronomy clubs are built up at regional level; the party itself rouses interest in Astronomy as a science and as a subject in school as well. When taking part in the party students get more skills both in theory itself and in making watching experiments of space. They learn how to analize and describe such experiments. These activities are not held at schools competitions in Astronomy. Astroparty contributes to the development of the regional and national policy of the Municipality of Dolna Mitropolia, the Pleven region and Bulgaria.It makes extra-curricular activities more attractive to students and makes the landmarks by the Danube riverside more popular in the region. It’s included in National calendar for extracurricular activities of Minisrty of education and science for sixth year. Organizers: Ministry of education and science, National palace of children, Regional Centre of Ministry of Education ““ Pleven, Municipality of Dolna Mitropolia and Municipal center for extracurricular activities ““ Baykal village. Astroparty Baykal is supported by Mrs Polya Tsonovska, the municipality,s mayor. Partners: Sofia University- Department of astronomy, Institute of Astronomy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,Bulgarian Astronomical Society, Public observatory with planetarium”N.Copernicus”-Varna, Astronomical Association ““ Sofia; International partners: European Association for Astronomy Education/EAAE/, Galileo Teacher Training Program/GTTP/ Work, style and methods: innovation methods, team work, workshop, hands on activities students that proved to be good in Astronomy teach their classmates beginners. A variety of practical activities and education with regard to Ecology are al