Astronomy cadets afterschools

We will hold afterschool sessions for families in our local area, in areas of low science capital, of social deprivation and from all religious backgrounds. The sessions will run during school term-time as a one-hour activity one day per week. Sessions will have 15 children to ensure they get a quality experience, signing up on a 3-month term. Our target audience are local families and the activities will be aimed at children aged 7-11. We know that this is an age where we can inspire kids into STEM.

The programme will consist of an hour long activity to engage and inspire. The activities will range from watching a fulldome show, “Space Jam” workshop where the children will develop a soundtrack for one of our shows in collaboration with a local STEM company to deliver. The children will develop a storyboard that we will animate and place up on our 360 degree dome. At the end of the 3 months we will showcase their work displaying this to our visitors. If the children complete at least 8 sessions out of 12 during the term we will reward them with a free facility pass. We will then begin another term of after schools to engage with another group of local kids. This will help us keep in touch with the families after the programme.

We want to achieve an engagement with local children in low science capital areas and in areas of social deprivation to inspire them and show them that STEM is for them, and that they can get involved. We will educate them by stealth where they are learning and having fun at the same time and we want to grow that engagement where the families have our facility to use at any time and that locally they are proud to have on their doorstep. Through the programme we wish to increase our afternoon visitors. We aim to have a legacy and will promote through our PR company, social media, and we will take the resources that the children make and showcase them to the general public. We want to give local kids a chance to get involved.


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