The Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) completes 10 years of existence in 2021!

The OAD was inaugurated back in April 2011 by the South African Minister of Science and Technology in the presence of partners, supporters, and contributors to our vision of ‘Astronomy for a better world’. Since then, our family has grown all around the world. Thanks to this global family and our small team, we can proudly declare that the OAD now has 11 Regional Offices, and has benefitted people in more than 100 countries through its 200 projects.

Although we cannot celebrate in person, we would love to mark this memorable occasion. Our first task is to collect brief reflections or quotes or memories about the OAD from the global Astro4dev family. You can send them in the form of audio or video via email to info(at)

We also hope to announce throughout the year other ways to celebrate this milestone. Stay tuned.
Thank you
the OAD team


“Congratulations on 10 years of OAD! And a sincere thanks for the enthusiasm, dedication and for all the work done.”

“The establishment of OAD has made a paradigm shift for the development of astronomy in the developing conutries. We have to maintain the past acheivements of OAD and move forward for more success”

“Well done on a decadal journey of success”

“Congratulations to the OAD for its 10 years of well-known accomplishments. It is evident that teamwork and an encouraging working environment contributes to success in an organization.”

“I cannot believe the reach and impact the OAD office has had since its inception. It has been wonderful to see the various benefits of astronomy, something I’ve been passionate about since a child, being shared with the world and made more accessible to others. Looking at the nature and diversity of projects funded across the many different countries is truly inspiring.

Working at the OAD in such a supportive, open, and energising environment has allowed for both personal and professional growth, and has been a life-changing experience for which I am extremely grateful.”

“The goal to establish clear links between astronomy and development is quite an ambitious one. Thankfully, just like we all share the night sky in different parts of the planet, this goal is alive in the hearts of many in the scientific and professional fields. The aspiration to use astronomy in all its aspects to contribute to development is embedded in the DNA of the large community of volunteers, project coordinators, the communities they interact with and the many stakeholders who have collaborated with the OAD over the past ten years. Their passion, commitment and hard-work have without doubt contributed to the OAD’s milestone achievements in spearheading efforts to translate astronomy to development.”