Andean Cosmology School

We will host a one month school on the theoretical, numerical and observational aspects of cosmology. The school will bring together 4 researchers of international expertise and 25 students from Latin-America. The school will present current methods and research problems in cosmology. With this goal in mind it will tackle not only basic theoretical aspects, but also more advanced numerical and observational techniques. The school will have a focus on the physics of tracers of large scale structure in the Universe and their interest for cosmological application. Furthermore, we have aimed at a large duration for the school. This has the purpose of giving time to the students to create friendship ties and delve deeply into the concepts presented in the school. In this project we seek funding to give grants to fully cover the accommodation and subsidize the costs of meals for 10 students coming from countries different than Colombia. This funding will be key to reach the goal of having a wide range of students from the continent.






Capacity Building