Africa-EU collaborations

In April 2018, a special session (#23) held at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science in Liverpool highlighted African-Europe collaborations in Astronomy and Space Science. The session, organised by Mirjana Pović (ESSTI) and Vanessa McBride (OAD) comprised two invited presentations and fourteen short contributed talks to give a continent wide overview of Africa-Europe collaboration.

There was considerable interest in how to initiate and fund such collaborations, and this page provides a link to existing projects and contact details for those projects. 

If you run an Africa-Europe collaborative project and would like to add your details to this page please contact vanessa “AT”

Talks at EWASS 2018 SS23

Melvin Hoare (invited) – Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy
Takalani Nemaungani (invited) – Development in Astronomy in South Africa and SKA Africa
Bonaventure Okere – A Report from the West African Regional Office of Astronomy for Development on Astronomy and Space Science Activities in West Africa, ,
Alemiye Mamo Yacob – Overview of Astronomy and Space Science Development in East African Region
Allison ManThe West African International Summer School for Young Astronomers – see also
Edward Jurua – The Mbarara University of Science and Technology – International Science Programme Project
Oleg Malkov – Scientific and educational cooperation in astronomy: Russian-Ethiopian experience
Eike GuentherTeaching export at the Thüringer Landessternwarte
Ann NjeriOptimizing the African Very Long Baseline Interferometry Network (AVN) for Astronomy, Geodesy and Astrometry
Mirjana PovićSummary of research done under the extragalactic astronomy group at ESSTI
Michael BackesStatus of Astronomy in Namibia
Anita Richards50+ years of Radio Astronomy in Nigeria
Jacco van LoonPartnering in African Science: the Southern African Large Telescope
Lorraine Hanlon – The Watcher Telescope at Boyden Observatory, South Africa
Phil Charles – Astronomical Big Data Exhibition
Sohan Jheeta – Collaborations between UK and 4 countries in Africa

Other initiatives

Mike BodeThe Development of Astronomy and Space Science in Botswana
Allison ManESO Astronomy research training