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Apply to Warwick Astronomy Knowledge Exchange

Source: Warwick University The Warwick Astronomy Knowledge Exchange programme (WAKE), a collaboration between the Warwick University Astronomy Group, the Office of Astronomy for Development and the Warwick Ethnic Minorities in Physics Network, aims to increase the diversity of people applying for opportunities at Warwick especially from countries under-represented in the field of astronomy. With the […]

Art and Science Come Together in “Astrologos” Stories (Italian)

Astrologos stories

Source – INAF “Astrologos” is a science-art project funded by the OAD that revolves around the recording of five short stories by world-renowned writer Italo Calvino, taken from the book ‘Cosmicomics’, inspired by astronomical facts, and commented on by several astronomers. The recordings, accompanied by original soundtracks and drawings, are publicly available online (Italian). The […]