Monthly Archives: February 2013

Overview of the project

Project title: MENA Regional Summer School: “Astronomy with Small Telescopes” Project leader: Prof. Roger Hajjar Small telescopes are optimal for the developing world. They can be used for public outreach, education, and with the proper instrumentation, astronomical research. The MENA region holds many observatories and projects equipped with small telescopes. Lebanon’s first small facility will […]

Training of project coordinators

The training phase for the Dark Skies Africa project has started and Google Hangouts and involves 12 project coordinators throughout the African continent. Here is a link to the full recorded Google Hangout in which Ghana, Namibia and South Africa and Zambia were represented: The online content of the kit can be found here:   […]

TF1 funded projects

Strengthening Astronomy Research at the University level in Rwanda National Workshop on Astronomy & Astrophysics in Kathmandu, Nepal Starlight in the university: “Astrolab” (Belgium, Nigeria & Zambia) Astronomy lectures for university students and teachers in Ghana The first “Guatemalan School of Astrophysics”, Guatemala