Astronomy for Children & Schools (TF2)

The task force on Astronomy for Children and Schools (TF2) drives activities related to using astronomy to inspire the very young and stimulate education, especially in Mathematics and Science. This task force looks at introducing astronomy in schools where there is little or no astronomy, and ensuring that the subject is used to positively influence the level of education development. Programmes for very young children, in the early childhood development stage, also falls within this task force. Examples of activities are educator training workshops; developing classroom resources; astronomy clubs in schools; etc.

Organizational Tasks:

  • To support OAD Regional Nodes Activities
  • To facilitate interactions between  pre-tertiary education stakeholders
  • To work closely with the relevant IAU Commissions
  • To support the OAD fundraising

Community management level tasks:

  • To provide a small (~2) number of core projects. The first being a global clearing-house of astronomy educational resources (Peer-review educational material journal )
  • To provide inputs to the OAD database of astronomy education contacts (teachers, informal educators, etc)
  • To prepare, plan and support the implementation of an Annual Astronomy Education Strategy with on-going global/regional educational activities, opportunities for educational collaborations and other relevant information.
  • To issue and manage a review committee for project proposals made to the OAD TF2 for endorsement and funding.
  • To deliver regular information (via OAD website, e-newsletter and social media, etc) about ongoing activities and opportunities, in astronomy education to volunteers, partner organizations and community

Volunteers are always needed. Please contact us or fill in the online form if you can contribute.

Current Members

  1. Jen Gupta (UK)
  2. Edward Gomez (Co-chair – UK)
  3. Robert Hollow (Australia)
  4. Ofodum Chukwujekwu Nworah (Nigeria)
  5. Amelia Ortiz-Gil (Co-chair – Spain)
  6. Tsolmon Renchin (Mongolia)
  7. Lina Canas (OAO/Japan)
  8. Linda Strubbe (Canada/USA)
  9. Akihiko Tomita (Japan)