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Columba Hypatia: Astronomy for Peace

Columba Hypatia is a OAD funded project used astronomy as a tool for promoting meaningful communication and a culture of peace and non-violence between the various communities living on the divided island of Cyprus. The island has been in a post-conflict environment for over 40 years, with its two main …

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Nature Astronomy Focus – Astronomy for development

Nature Astronomy has published a selection of News and Comment articles focusing on Astronomy in Africa. (use the links below to view them outside of the paywall)   Editorial   The potential of astronomy for socioeconomic development in Africa by the team at the Office of Astronomy for Development and Tawanda …

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Using Astronomy for Development

What is Astronomy for Development? A short introduction on how astronomy can influence society and how the tools of astronomy are being applied to solve challenges in food production, wildlife conservation, urban planning etc. Examples from projects funded by the OAD as well as other projects such as the STFC …

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examples of SDGs impacted by OAD projects

OAD projects and their link to SDGs

OAD funds and coordinates projects that aim to use astronomy to impact on one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.   It may not be obvious to everyone how the tools, methods and content of the field of Astronomy are relevant to the SDGs. However, below are some …

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Science for Development

It is important to note that the OAD forms part of a broader conversation around science-for-development. In exploring the world of “astronomy for development” it is ever more clear that all sciences have significant contributions that can be made in order to achieve global development goals. It is only through …

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How Astronomy Influenced the Energy Sector

In this guest blog, Megan Ray Nichols explores some ways in which developments in Astronomy and space have influenced the energy sector Modern astronomy has roots dating back to the earliest cultures on Earth and, although we have high-tech tools and gadgetry that make it possible to study the science without …

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Aerospace Advances Inspired by Astronomy

In this guest blog, Megan Ray Nichols explores some ways in which developments in Astronomy and space have made their way into the aerospace sector Of all the flights that people take, none top the flights into space, whether to launch humans or satellites that peer into our univese. Such work has …

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