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Global Astronomy Month (2016) Blog

Astronomy for Development: Recognition and Consolidation On the 30th March 2016, just before the start of GAM2016, the work of the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) was recognized through a very special international event in Edinburgh, UK – the award of the 2016 Edinburgh Medal. This award has …

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The Normalcy Curve

Dr. Wanda Diaz is a sight-impaired astrophysicist who uses sound for conducting Astronomy research instead of visual information. She is currently a visiting fellow at the OAD, working on tools and methods to assist people with different learning styles to learn, enjoy and contribute to Science. She wrote this post …

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In action: Astronomy for a better world

Last month, I briefly visited the town of Sutherland with two other colleagues. It is a town located about 350km from Cape Town. Its altitude, relative isolation and arid conditions make it a perfect spot for optical observations and hence is the pride of South African Astronomy. The town itself is a …

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Open Meetings

Astronomy for Development is inherently a global idea, cutting across all geographical and most human barriers. It has been steadily gaining momentum over the past few years. With the establishment of Regional Offices across the globe, there are more stakeholders than ever before. It is now critical to stick to the …

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Scifest Africa 2015

  Scifest Africa is South Africa’s National Science Festival, held every year at the end of summer in Grahamstown. It is the biggest platform for scientists and engineers to engage with the public, share their work and inspire the youth to pursue careers in science and technology. Organised by the …

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