Winner of the IAU Women & Girls in Astronomy Prize

The Astro Molo Mhalaba project has been selected as the winner of the Women & Girls in Astronomy Prize.

In 2019, over 250 events have been organised thus far for IAU100’s Women and Girls in Astronomy initiative. As part of this project, a special contest was organised to recognize and celebrate the efforts of event organizers worldwide who promote women and girls in astronomy through the organization of innovative, creative, accessible, and sustainable public outreach events. Based on the event reports submitted by the event organisers, the Astro Molo Mhalaba project was selected as the winner.

One of the project’s organisers, Mahaneng Phali, will be funded to attend the IAUS 358 Symposium “Astronomy for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” in Tokyo, Japan in November. This meeting intends to actively consolidate and present best practices for identifying and addressing barriers to equal participation, expand our knowledge of diverse workplace policies, present new assistive technologies and demonstrate the advantages of diverse environments for research.