Inspiring STEM learning through astronomy in rural Ñuble, Chile

Target location: Chile

Target audience: Rural students grades (and their families) 1 – 6 in north Coleal, a poor and extremely rural area of Chile will be the target audience for this project. Due to Covid 19, these students have not had access to education since March 2020. Students live far from the school, and the school does not have the resources to deliver learning materials to students. In addition, these students lack access to computers and internet, making it very difficult for them to get learning resources.

The project seeks to use astronomy to inspire, encourage and educate students whose studies have been interrupted during the pandemic due to their complex geographic location and limited economic resources.

Material will be developed and delivered to students focused on developing scientific skills where they will learn, explore and experiment, in a guided way, with elements of the environment, using observation, measurement with non-standard units and simple materials. It will lead the students towards autonomous learning focused on astronomical content, using STEM methodology.