Flagship 1: Astropark

The OAD is gathering exhibit ideas for the conception of an astronomical park or AstroPark set to be built in India in a rural area not far from existing tourist attractions. The idea behind the design of the park is to help:

  1. Stimulate tourism & economic development in the villages around the park
  2. Spark an interest in STEM and learning through the awe of astronomy
  3. Bring awareness about ecosystem preservation

The OAD is seeking inputs/materials about potential exhibits to be featured in the AstroPark that can help achieve the goals listed above. These include both indoor and outdoor exhibits, hardwares and softwares that can be used to conduct virtual and interactive tours, etc.

In light of the current COVID19 pandemic, it is necessary for institutions – particularly for structures involved in outreach activities – to design programmes that allow online/remote participation. This will be useful not only during the pandemic, but also in the longer term as it helps organisations connect with a wider audience. We therefore want to incorporate, in the design of the park, tools that enable remote/online reach and participation of the public.

Please submit your ideas for AstroPark on the below google form. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at info@astro4dev.org.

You can view suggestions received so far in this google document.

Part of the Flagship Sustainable, local socio-economic development through astronomy