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In line with the development of high-tech scientific facility of the National Astronomical Observatory in the Middle Amfoang (Regency Kupang – NTT), the demands for strengthening the human resource capacity becomes very important as the form of the establishment of symbiotic mutualism between the observatory and the local community. Community Empowerment Program (Community Development) in […]


We are happy to report that in general the project has been going quite well and that we were able to implement the project within the proposed time frame and budget. Our partner, the Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics (IIEE) is wonderfully supportive in various sectors of the work. Our home institution, Institut Teknologi Bandung, […]

Overview of the project

Project leader: Premana W. Premadi, Project location: Indonesia Project Description: This community development project will develop a symbiosis between a prospective astronomical observatory in Timor, Indonesia, and its surrounding community. The goal is to have thriving villages and a successful observatory. The project consists of: (1) Human Capacity Building with programs on empowering human […]