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Overview of Project

The Winter School on Astronomy is a four-day educational and cross-cultural rendezvous of astronomy targeted to university students. The school intends to inspire and breed a new generation of astronomers. Our goal is to bring opportunities for astronomy training and discussion with high-level experts for the young bright minds in the developing world. Invited lecturers […]

Final Report

Aim: To develop and establish a completely automated observatory which can be controlled through internet by authorized person. Objectives of the project: To identify site for the observatory To carry the site survey Testing different aspect for the proposed site. To procure the required instruments/ equipment for the observatory Understanding the research finding Selection of […]


We have held, in preparation of the Pilot Astronomy Center, several astronomy camps in schools near the Center. This is in accordance with the key outreach tasks that are described in our proposal for the months of February through May. The camps were geared to educate students and general public regarding basic astronomy. The assembled […]


The Sky on Bike is an astronomy outreach programme which aims to introduce the wonders of the night sky to identified groups of economically disadvantaged and uneducated population in Indian villages with the aim to create a scientific temper. We envision telescopes being carried on bicycles, and we’ve zealously named this arrangement as “Sky Bike”. […]

Final report

We organized a Astronomy Activities for the Earthquake affected students in three different places Gorkha, Nuwakot and Kathmandu most earthquake affected district in Nepal. there was 8.2 magnitude earthquake last year 2015, and Hundreds of thousands of people their school going children were made homeless with entire villages flattened, across many districts of the country by the earthquake last […]