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STEM Learning Through Astronomy During A Pandemic

STEM learning through astronomy

The “Inspiring STEM learning through astronomy” project has developed materials to inspire, encourage and educate students in rural areas of Chile, whose studies have been interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The “pandemic learning support” booklet contains four activities for children to discover and connect with astronomy in a didactic and entertaining way, covering  content […]

Donate to the IAU “Pale Blue Dot” Global Citizenship Education Project

a map of Pale Blue Dot projects to contribute to

Our world needs the cosmic perspective now more than ever. Pale Blue Dot is a global citizenship education project, led by the IAU OAD European Regional Office, that “uses astronomy to promote commonality, solidarity and environmental awareness and instill values, attitudes and behaviours to support responsible global citizenship”. The project falls under the OAD Flagship […]

“Let Us Put Our Minds & Hearts Together to Serve Society”: OAD Director at IAU General Assembly

IAU General Assembly Business Sessions

While the XXXI IAU General Assembly has been postponed to 2022, the Business sessions were organized virtually on August 23 and 26 this week. A pre-meeting session was held before the business session on each day with short talks by each of the IAU Offices, Executive Committee Working Groups, and several prize winners.   In […]

UN GA76 Science Summit: Astronomy to Advance SDGs

Astronomy to advance SDGs at UN GA76 science summit

The Office of Astronomy for Development, led by its European Regional Office, organized a session on Astronomy to Advance SDGs at the United Nations General Assembly Science Summit. The UN GA76 Science Summit, held online from September 14-30, aimed to raise awareness of the role and contribution of science to the attainment of the United […]

Cultural Astronomy Study in Ugandan Refugee Settlements: Feasibility Report

Possible venue for focus group discussions

The “Knowledge Access and Sharing Through Cultural Astronomy” project has concluded its feasibility study on gathering indigenous astronomy knowledge from people at the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement in Uganda. The Space Technology Agency in Uganda has received a grant from the OAD through the annual call for proposals. The grant was approved for its project […]