Monthly Archives: September 2020

Development of online astronomy lessons for students in Ghana

Target location: Ghana Target audience: An estimated 30000 students including basic school, high school and university students. The materials available can be accessed by all people who are interested in astronomy and are not within our group of students and pupils, hence providing a wider outreach The project will develop online lessons in astronomy and […]

COVID-19 Support for Internally Displaced Persons

Target location: Nigeria Target audience: Internally Displaced Persons in Kuchingoro IDP camp The project plan is to provide hygiene support at a camp for Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria. The camp has over 2500 inhabitants mostly living in overcrowded rooms and shared facilities, including 500 children. The project team, which previously visited the camp for […]

Collecting and visualising healthcare facility data for South Africa in response to COVID-19

Target location: The project will collate data and create visualisation resources related to healthcare facilities in SA but re-use of the tools and data will be encouraged by publishing it under open licenses. Target audience: The primary target audience is the general public of South Africa who have an interest in the health care system […]