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Final report

The Regional Astronomical Summer School (September 2-6, 2019) and the Regional Astronomical Workshop (September 11-13, 2019) took place at the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO), which is located near village Byurakan on the picturesque southern slope of Mount Aragatz. The Regional Astronomical Summer School was aimed at attracting beginner astronomers and related MSc and PhD students to the field of scientific […]

Impact of Astronomical Facilities on Local Development – Perspectives from Sutherland: An OAD Report

Authors:Tawanda Chingozha, Economics PhD Candidate (Stellenbosch University), OAD Fellow. He is Zimbabwean. Amidou Sorgho, Astro-physics PhD Candidate (University of Cape Town), OAD Fellow. He is Burkinabè. Estefany san Andreas, Socio-Cultural Anthropologist with studies in Jungian Psychology, OAD Fellow. She is Ecuadorian. Amelia Hankel, BSc Physics (with astronomy focus) & BA Human Rights (University of Connecticut), OAD […]