Monthly Archives: September 2019

Video: Activities in the Canary islands

Video of activities on the Grand Canary islands [Spanish] Event conducted on 03 Aug 2019 at the Centro de Educación Infantil y Primaria Arucas, in the Gran Canaria. Organized by the Asociación Canaria de Amigos del Pueblo Saharaui (ACAPS), Galileo Mobile, and the Agrupación Astronómica de Gran Canaria. Vídeo by J. Naranjo Fotografía.

Astrolab Training Workshop

This workshop is intended for the trainers/academics and students who have an interest in astronomy, or trainers/academics who wish to introduce this project in their teaching of introductory astronomy at their universities or institutes. The workshop will accommodate up to 30 participants. Participants who wish to be part of this workshop are highly encouraged to […]

DAP Website

DAP Website Project Development through Astronomy in Pakistan (DAP) uses astronomy to create awareness about the environmental crises, reduce gender inequality, promote peace, equality and education in the country. DAP is being run by Cosmic Perspective, an astronomy education and entertainment social enterprise.  

Teachers Workshop

61 teachers participated in a science teachers workshop organized by the Helping Hands Network (2HNET) at the University of Liberia. The workshop used astronomy as a gateway to scientific literacy & highlight its unifying aspects, important for post-war Liberia. It was also supported as an IAU100 special project. Liberia: Helping Hands Network Inspires High School […]