Monthly Archives: March 2019

Celebration of Women and Girls in Astronomy and Science day

The UN International Day of Women & Girls in Science and the IAU Women and Girls in Astronomy Day was celebrated at the MM school in Cape Town. Astronomers and students from several institutions volunteered to run a day of activities with the girls at the school. NASA astronaut Ellen S. Baker visited the school […]

Final report

This project aims to provide an evidence-based pract ice for ef fect ive inclusive teaching to ensure astronomy is appropriated and meaningful for both visually impaired and sighted community. In Ireland, the majority of universities with degree option in astrophysics host astronomy outreach events for the general public and second-level students, in particular, those in […]

Hubble Treasure Trove Sonification

SYSTEM Sounds project worked with NASA to sonfiy an image of a cluster of galaxies taken by the Hubble telescope. Space becomes “sonified” in this visualization of a cluster of galaxies imaged by Hubble. Time flows left to right, and the frequency of sound changes from bottom to top, ranging from 30 to 1,000 […]