In line with the development of high-tech scientific facility of the National Astronomical Observatory in the Middle Amfoang (Regency Kupang – NTT), the demands for strengthening the human resource capacity becomes very important as the form of the establishment of symbiotic mutualism between the observatory and the local community.

Community Empowerment Program (Community Development) in Central Amfoang intended as a form of capacity building of human resources as well in order to ensure the sustainability of local resources.

This video is a brief documentation of one of the programs in community development projects in locations around the Observatory Timor in 2016. Community Empowerment Program (Community Development) will continue to take place in the region around the Observatory throughout 2017 and subsequent years.

Program with children:
Community Development program:
Sample of astronomy lecture series given to physics students in University of Nusa Cendana, Kupang, Timor,
to prepare them to handle public science education: