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In line with the development of high-tech scientific facility of the National Astronomical Observatory in the Middle Amfoang (Regency Kupang – NTT), the demands for strengthening the human resource capacity becomes very important as the form of the establishment of symbiotic mutualism between the observatory and the local community. Community Empowerment Program (Community Development) in […]

Updated project plan

The project has a new PI and updated plan, Ms Zuthobeke Mvakade Email address: South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) library wants to promote astronomy awareness in our communities. Astronomy is part of primary school curriculum and the statistic has shown that communities in previously disadvantaged areas are always left behind with less growth especially […]

Assessing our impact

By Vanessa McBride & Eli Grant, Office of Astronomy for Development The Office of Astronomy for Development has funded over 100 projects run by enthusiastic astronomers and science communicators with a view to using astronomy to make the world a better place. But, how do we know our projects have an impact? In fact, to […]

North vs. South – Constellations & Moon Phases

Astronomy connects all of us. While the sky looks slightly different based on your location, when put together it is our common heritage. Understanding the differences helps us to understand the connections. In this guest post, Megan Ray Nichols briefly explains those connections, thus underlining how local perspectives can contribute to a global one. Not everyone […]

Astroproject Documentary

“From Dust to Stars” is the first film in the series of the ongoing project Astroproject. This infotainment film with a runtime of 30 mins takes you on an enriching journey of how stars are formed. It introduces to the audience the basic concepts of Astronomy by answering questions like, why do some stars shine brighter than the others?what […]