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Overview of the project

Project title: Limpopo Astronomy Public Outreach, South Africa Project leader: Mr. Kosma Coronaios Limpopo Astronomy Public Outreach will visit 13 venues in various towns in the Limpopo Province of South Africa over the course of a 5 month period. An astronomy display, set up during the course of the day and part of the evening, […]

October 12th, Mall of the North (International Observe the Moon Night)

[nggallery id=59] This year’s IAU (OAD) Astronomy for the Public first event was held at Mall of the North in Polokwane on the 29th March.  Fittingly our last IAU (OAD) event for the year was at the same venue and coincided with International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN 2013) in the evening, as well as the […]

Overview of the project

Project title: Astronomical kit for the visually impaired, Spain Project leader: Dr. Amelia Ortiz-Gil Follow the project here: The goal is to develop a kit with different astronomical activities to help communicators and teachers in reaching children with visual impairments. The kit will consist of: (a) “The sky in your hands“, a planetarium program […]

Distribution list

Mani (India) Antonieta Garcia (Chile) DIVYADARSHAN D.PUROHIT (INDIA) Lynnette Foster (South Africa) Musso Sebastián (Argentina) ALESSANDRO MARTINS (BRAZIL) Chuck (USA) Cassius A. M. de Melo (Brazil) Juan Camilo Buitrago Casas (Colombia) Rebecca Carvalho (India) Saeed Sadeghi Mehr (Iran) Cecilia Scorza (Germany) OAD (South Africa) Pedro Russo (The Netherlands) Lina Canas (Portugal) Felipe Robaina Bressiani (Brazil) […]

Overview of the project

Project title: Astronomical measurements in Ancient Greece for students Project leader: Dr. Athanasios Taramopoulos Please follow the project here! Although it is not widely known to students and the public, the ancient Greek philosophers had made a number of accurate astronomical measurements and created successful models in an effort to describe the wonders of the […]