OAD Visiting Fellowships

New Visiting Fellowship programme at the OAD!

The principle: OAD Visiting Fellowships are awarded in special cases where a person’s contributions to the OAD are evaluated to be at an exceptional level. They are awarded to volunteers who work with us on any of the projects on the OAD Ideas List (or on ideas of their own), which we believe will contribute to the vision of the OAD. A limited number of these fellowships will be awarded each year. OAD Visiting Fellows will spend their time in Cape Town working on, and ideally completing, their projects.

The process: Interested individuals should get in touch and brainstorm with us about a project of their choice. Based on their initial contributions to the project from the person’s home base, they could then be awarded an OAD Visiting Fellowship to spend time in Cape Town to continue, and ideally round up, that project. Selection will be based on the individual’s contributions, skills, motivation and potential to complete the project during their time at the OAD.

The deal: The Fellowship will cover flights to Cape Town, accommodation near the OAD and a modest daily subsistence allowance for a negotiated period (the duration of the Fellowship will be flexible and depend on the person’s availability and nature of project, typically in the range of a few weeks to a few months). The person then gets to spend time at the OAD headquarters, as well as enjoy the beauty of Cape Town (a city rated by both the UK Guardian and the US New York Times as the number 1 holiday destination for 2014!).