Task Forces

The International Astronomical Union (IAU), through its Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD), has established the three Task Forces which drive global activities using astronomy as a tool to stimulate development. These Task Forces are: (i) Astronomy for Universities and Research; (ii) Astronomy for Children and Schools; and (iii) Astronomy for the Public.

The Task Forces are made of groups of experts in their field who give their time voluntarily to advise on and coordinate projects in the respective targeted areas of development. They are selected, as far as possible, on the basis of their skills, prior knowledge, experience, geographic locations, gender and cultural diversity. Nomination and selection is approved by the IAU’s Extended Development Oversight Committee (EDOC). The current members of the three Task Forces are listed here. These individuals, together with the many passionate volunteers they work with, contribute to the vision of “Astronomy for a Better World!”

Task Force members (currently being updated)

Task Force 1: Universities and Research

  1. Nicole van der Bliek (Chile/Netherlands)
  2. Stella Kafka (USA)
  3. Jean-Pierre de Greve (Belgium)
  4. Michele Gerbaldi (Co-Chair – France)
  5. Richard de Grijs (China)
  6. Edward Guinan (Co-Chair – USA)
  7. Roger Hajjar (Lebanon)
  8. Edward Jurua (Uganda)
  9. Hakim Malasan (Indonesia)
  10. Shengbang Qian (China)
  11. Ravi Sheth (ICTP/Italy)

Task Force 2: Children and Schools

  1. Jen Gupta (UK)
  2. Edward Gomez (Co-chair – UK)
  3. Robert Hollow (Australia)
  4. Ofodum Chukwujekwu Nworah (Nigeria)
  5. Amelia Ortiz-Gil (Co-chair – Spain)
  6. Tsolmon Renchin (Mongolia)
  7. Lina Canas (OAO/Japan)
  8. Linda Strubbe (Canada/USA)
  9. Akihiko Tomita (Japan)

Task Force 3: Public Outreach

  1. Megan Argo (Commission 55/UK)
  2. Sze-leung Cheung (OAO/HK)
  3. Thilina Heenatigala (Sri Lanka)
  4. Brooke Simmons (UK)
  5. Carolina Odman (Co-Chair – South Africa/EU)
  6. German Puerta (Colombia)
  7. Kumiko S. Usuda (Co-chair – Japan/USA)
  8. Kimberly Arcand (US)