Remote Telescopes

Remote telescopes have been used in education since the early 90s. There are various universities, organizations and companies that own remotely accessible telescopes. These are used for both research and educational purposes and are available mostly to partners, members or paid users.

This project aims to consolidate information on remote telescopes available for education and provide students at universities and schools with a pathway to access. As a first step, we are creating a database of such telescopes the students can tap into. You can view our growing list of telescopes or on the map.

Download the latest list of remote telescopes



If you or your organization possess a telescope accessible over the internet and if you are interested in opening up access to your telescope, please click on the link below to provide some basic information on your telescope. We will add your telescope details to our Public List.

Information on your remote telescope


If you are a university or school that could benefit from such a program, please let us know (in the link below) how you plan to use such a resource. We will use this information when contacting potential partners, telescope owners and donors.

How will you use a remote telescope?

* An earlier list prepared by Rick Hessman, University of Goettingen can be viewed here