IAU100 Anniversary: Opportunity for Expansion of OAD Projects

In 2019, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) will celebrate its 100th anniversary. As part of the year-long celebration of this milestone, the IAU aims to support the use of astronomy as a tool for education, development and diplomacy. This will include the opportunity for selected OAD projects to be highlighted globally and possibly receive additional funding to expand their activities in 2019. The OAD is thus running this closed call, directed only at past funded projects, in order to select one or more projects which will be featured in publicity and fundraising efforts during IAU 100. The application form is meant to be very brief and require minimum effort, for a potentially large reward should the IAU 100 Task Force select your project to feature/fund.


  1. This call is targeted at all projects that have been previously funded by the OAD through the annual, open call for proposals.
  2. The project should have received and accepted a grant from the OAD and carried out work per the terms of the grant agreement
  3. In the case of projects implemented up to and including 2017, the project activities should have been completed and final report submitted to the OAD by January 31, 2018
  4. Projects that are yet to be implemented in 2018 are also eligible to apply for this call


  1. Funded OAD projects submit an application to this special closed call by January 31, 2018
  2. Proposals are reviewed by the OAD, and recommendations are made to the IAU 100 Task Force
  3. Selected proposals then work with the OAD and IAU 100 coordinators to prepare for promotional and fundraising efforts. This may include writing up a more detailed proposal, creating brochures, flyers or other PR material for donors
  4. The IAU 100 Task Force, supported by the IAU/OAD Fundraiser, will work to raise funds for the selected proposals
  5. Should funds be raised for the project, a new grant agreement will be drawn up between the OAD and the project
  6. Funds will then be transferred to project for implementation in 2019


19 Jan – Call for proposals open

31 Jan – Deadline for submission

1 Feb to 15 Feb – Review of applications

28 Feb – Selected projects informed

For any queries, please write to us at stage2@astro4dev.org