Young Astronomer Events at the GA

Two specific events for Young Astronomers will take place during the General Assembly in Beijing in August 2012: Young Astronomers’ Lunch-Debate (YAL) and Young Astronomers Consulting Service (YACS). There is no extra fees for the Lunch-Debate but reservations have to be made prior to the GA.

Young Astronomers’ Events are primarily for young astronomers who are enrolled in PhD programmes or who have received their Doctorate degrees within 3 years before the General Assembly.

The Young Astronomers Lunch-Debate (YAL) has three objectives:

  • to give young astronomers  the opportunity to discuss predefined topics of their choice,related to careers and research organisation in astronomy, with more experienced astronomers;
  • to raise the awareness of the YAs of their importance to the IAU;
  • to enhance networking among YAs of different countries.

The Young Astronomer Consulting Service (YACS) allows Young Astronomers to have one-to-one discussions with more advanced astronomers on their CV, thesis and research, as well as on jobs in astronomy, in a dedicated place during the GA.

The Consultant astronomers are advanced astronomers with experience in specific research domains and in science management.

Places for the 2012 YAL are already full. However, if you wish to take part in the YACS programme for 2012 please click on the relevant link below to submit your details:

1. Registration for “Young Astronomers” wishing to participate in YACS2012

2. Registration for “Consultant astronomers” who are willing to assist young astronomers

If you are unable to access Google forms, please visit our html forms page.