WWT Workshop


The WorldWide Telescope Workshop
SAAO, Cape Town, 18-19 April 2012

SAAO and the OAD invited participants to a novel astronomy experience using Microsoft Research’s WorldWide Telescope (WWT). WWT is a virtual telescope that is designed to enhance your experience in astronomical research and science education (www.worldwidetelescope.org).

This hands-on workshop focussed on using the WorldWide Telescope to review very large astronomical databases and image collections. One of WWT’s unique feature is tour-making which can be trivially adapted to develop class curricula for universities and schools.

We provided a hands-on environment to jump start new users, but also had enough for existing users in terms of possibilities in research and education. We aimed also to learn from participants about desired future improvements of WWT.

With astronomy data growing beyond terabytes and hundreds of millions of lines, astro-informatics has become an important component of modern astronomy. We also introduced astro-informatics.
Download the programme and description of invited speakers here (PDF).

Registration was free but applicants went through a selection process as spots were limited.

For further information contact Sudhanshu Barway or Kevin Govender