AstroVARSITY Workshop at UniZulu 19-23 October 2015

This 2015 AstroVARSITY  workshop at University of Zululand is a follow up from the AsTROW workshop organized in October 2012 at the OAD office in Cape Town and the July 2013 workshop at the University of Zululand.

The previous workshop organized at the University of Zululand targeted students to get a better idea of their potential interest for astronomy. We are now moving forward with the project and aim at setting up a plan of action to implement an introduction to astronomy course for undergraduate students. With that in mind the 2015 workshop hope to gather lecturers and tutors form both the Physics and Maths departments in order to present them astronomy teaching material, discuss potential format of an introduction course and get them started with the small telescope and CCD camera that they acquired for the project.

Thank you for registering for the workshop before 28th of September 2015

Find here the Program of the the 2015 workshop