Resources for undergraduate courses

This page is dedicated to providing resources and links for those lecturers wishing to start an undergraduate astronomy course or module. It is subject to modification as notes and links are added modified or removed. Don’t hesitate to contact the project leader for information or additional material that you would like to see here or are willing to share on that page.

Teaching – Lecture Presentations and Notes:

Tony Fairall Lecture Notes (extract from his Introduction to Astronomy course at the University of Cape Town):
1- Early belief and the historical development of astronomical knowledge
2- Telescopes
3- The Earth-Sun-Moon system
4- Planets
5- The nearest star
6- Other stars
7- Our Galaxy and others
8- Cosmology

Online Resources:
Find here links to Lecture Notes and presentation from Lecturer at different Universities. Those can be used for teaching purposes as long as credit to the person and institution who originally developed the course is given.

– Lectures and Course notes:

  • Dr. Richard Pogge (The Ohio State University) Course
  • Dr. Scott R. Anderson Lectures
  • Dr. Siobahn M. Morgan (University of Northern Iowa) Course

– Online Tutorials – interactive exercices: