Guidelines for OAD projects report

The report should incorporate the following (where applicable) and could be in a single document or a set of files if necessary. Depending on the nature of the project, there may be additional sections/components not included in this list:

  1. Short summary of the completed project that we can place on the website (along with relevant web friendly photos/videos).
  2. A section addressing how the objectives/deliverables that were originally proposed have been achieved
  3. A description of any deviations from the original project implementation plan/timeline/duration/location/audience etc (if any).
  4. Any significant challenges faced during the project (if any)
  5. Recommendations for improving the quality/implementation/impact of the project based on the lessons learned (self evaluation)
  6. Suggestions/Recommendations to the OAD for expanding the project both locally and to other parts of the world (if applicable)
  7. Information on any evaluation activities
  8. Full financial report detailing the expenses and explaining any deviation to the proposed budget (this can be in the form of a single table with explanatory notes)
  9. Copies of associated invoices/receipts to support the financial report.
  10. Copies of any resources that were produced specifically for this project that we could share with others e.g. posters, worksheets, etc.