Projects 2013

The IAU-OAD 2012 Call for Proposal saw a very large response. The three Task Forces reviewed the projects in each of the following areas: Universities and Research (TF1), Children and Schools (TF2) and Public Outreach (TF3). A total of 189 applications were filed (42 for TF1, 94 for TF2, 53 for TF3), requesting a total of €1 835 820 (€ 752 959 for TF1, € 772 079 for TF2, € 310 782 for TF3). After evaluation of all submissions, the projects recommended by the different Task Forces panels amounted to a grand total of € 968 940. Since the budget for this 2012 Call for Proposals was € 90 000, only 10% of the recommendations (18 projects worldwide to be implemented in 2013) could be funded. The other recommended projects go onto a wishlist which the OAD is working towards raising funds for.


List of OAD-funded projects for 2013

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