Funded Projects in 2020

List of projects funded, in alphabetical order:

  1. Ad Astra Academy, Brazil
  2. Astronomy for Canadians Indigenous People, Canada
  3. Astro Molo Mhlaba, South Africa
  4. COSMOamautas: Training Teachers in rural areas, Peru
  5. East Africa School of Astronomy, East African countries
  6. Hands-on Astronomy Curriculum Training for Primary and Secondary School Teachers, Nigeria
  7. IDP Children’s Astronomy Outreach, Nigeria
  8. Kathmandu Astrophysics School 2020, Nepal
  9. LAMPS: Leveraging local AstronoMy site to Promote STEM, Madagascar
  10. Networking and Skilling in astronomy, Senegal
  11. Under other skies: dialogues of different cosmological paradigms, Brazil
  12. Pale Blue Dot – a Universe Awareness project
  13. Astronomy for students through interactive app and game, Bangladesh and online app
  14. She Speaks Science, Lebanon, UK, and online component
  15. The Art of Learning Astronomy, Philippines
  16. Telescopes For Siberian Villages, Russian Federation
  17. Vaudemont – Solar Trail for visually impaired, Italy