Fiat Physica


“Fiat Physica, Inc. is the world’s premiere physics fundraising platform. Our mission is to make physics accessible, enjoyable, and relevant. Founded in 2014 by theoretical physicist Dr. Mark G. Jackson, Fiat Physica connects physics enthusiasts and potential donors to research groups seeking support for projects that will shape the future of humankind.”

Fiat Physica is fundraising on behalf of the OAD, specifically for the 2014 Wish List projects which were unable to be funded by the OAD. The participation of each project with Fiat Physica is completely voluntary and determined by its Project Leader. Each Project Leader has therefore been asked to provide Fiat Physica/OAD with promotional material including information, photos, videos, testimonials, logos, etc.  to develop an appealing campaign website page for each project (read more about setting up a campaign here).

Currently campaigns are scheduled to launch during October 2014. Watch this space and visit the Fiat Physica website for more information.