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Update: Planetarium content development

The project is focussed on developing new content that is culturally relevant and which speaks to the needs of the local population. In addition, the project is developing the capacity to produce own content, thereby making us less reliant on very expensive licenses, and keeping our planetarium offerings fresh. The …

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HBSST Final Report

HBSST workshop is the first Astronomy program in Nigeria which is Hands-on. The program had positive tremendous impact on the participants because it translated Astronomy which studies distant objects into practicable and visible reality bringing those distant object closer to them in simple terms via descriptive teaching approach and inquiry based method of …

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Final Report

The Solving Problems and Cosmic Exploration (SPACE) is a program that aims to develop problem solving skills and stimulate creativity through various challenges that are presented within an astronomy context. The SPACE program includes workshops, science shows, games, public busking etc. Activities: The SPACE program comprises of workshops, science shows, …

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Astronomy workshop – update

The HBSST workshop has been rescheduled as follows at the two locations below: Date: Thursday 1st- Saturday 3rd June 2017 Time: 9:00am daily Venue: Electronics Lab. Department of Physics, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port  Harcourt.   Date: Monday 5th – Wednesday 7th June 2017 Time: 9:00am daily …

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Astronomy Workshop for Science Teachers – Application

APPLICATION FOR ASTRONOMY WORKSHOP FOR SCIENCE PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS IN NIGERIA 2017 The Director/Chief Executive of the NASRDA-Centre for Basic Space Science, (CBSS), Prof. Fidelix, E. Opara has passed away after a brief illness.  As a result, the HBSST Workshop is postponed for the two centres and a …

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