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Molo Mhlaba


Molo Mhlaba (MM) offers a radical new approach to schooling in South Africa. With local, low-fee, independent schools in underserved communities, MM provides South Africa’s most vulnerable group – black girls – with access to quality STEM education and career orientation, going beyond standard educational targets to strive for excellence …

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Astro Academy: Participants have been selected for the Astro Academy. They also have the option of obtaining (free) tutoring in maths and science by grade 11/12 teachers. Drafts of activities for the first few classes have been submitted by our volunteers; while we review those more will be submitted Astro Club: …

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Call for volunteers

The Molo Mhlaba primary school in Khayelitsha ( is incredibly excited to announce the launch of its Astronomy Program, which aims to: 1. Develop 20 astronomy-focused classes aimed at primary school students; 2. Recruit, train, and employ Khayelitsha-based, female high-school graduates to run these classes both at Molo Mhlaba and …

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