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Astro Classes: Call for students

SPACE UNMSM in Peru invites students in 3rd-5th grades at Peruvian state secondary schools to apply for a series of after-school astronomy classes. These free virtual classes will admit a limited number of students. Coordinated under the project ‘Ask An Astronomer (Pregúntale A Un Astrónomo)’ awarded an OAD COVID-19 grant. …

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E-Learning Platform is now LIVE

The online learning platform is now LIVE. Courses are available on the platform for secondary school students and university students. All courses are free and can be accessed upon registration. Developed by NASRDA-CBSS with the support of an OAD grant. E-Learning platform: University lectures: Secondary school lectures: …

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Pregúntale A Un Astrónomo (Ask An Astronomer) video series

Pregúntale A Un Astrónomo ( Ask An Astronomer, in English) is an education and outreach project created by SPACE-FCF-UNMSM where topics of interest in astronomy are discussed by two young Peruvian astronomers, Victor Vera and Jhon Yana, along with special guests. Youtube Playlist (in Spanish):

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Article on the project and NEPA group

Article in Portuguese (BR) (translated) In the midst of a pandemic, the Center for Teaching and Research in Astronomy at the State University of Amazonas (NEPA / UEA) won the approval of yet another international project financed by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Titled “Covid-19 in Amazonas: Astronomy strikes back!” (Covid-19 in …

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