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Translating and Distributing ‘Space Scoop’ to Students in Underprivileged Areas of Pakistan

Target location: Pakistan Target audience: School going children who do not have access to the internet. They are particularly hit hard by the school closures due to the pandemic. Students who belong to distant/underprivileged areas of Pakistan where English medium schools do not exist and their education is primarily in …

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Virtual Classroom Under the sky – PBL with Astronomy

Target location: South America Target audience: Preschool, primary and secundary teachers This meeting of Virtual classroom under the stars is aimed at preschool, primary and secondary teachers, astronomy fans from South America. The meeting aims to share pedagogical and methodological tools for teaching astronomy, through projects to explore and study …

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OAD Injection Moulding Machine – Recycling waste plastic

Target location: South Africa Target audience: SAAO visitors, Schools Waste plastic is a golden opportunity. The project plans to up-cycle plastic to reduce the impact on the enviroment as well as add to livelihood opportunities. The injection molding machine is suitable for a small scale production facility for manufacturing, for …

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