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Using Astronomy for Development

What is Astronomy for Development? A short introduction on how astronomy can influence society and how the tools of astronomy are being applied to solve challenges in food production, wildlife conservation, urban planning etc. Examples from projects funded by the OAD as well as other projects such as the STFC …

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update: Kathmandu Astrophysics School announcement

Kathmandu Astrophysics School (KAS2018) Date: June 10-17, 2018 Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal Participants will be introduced to basic concepts and computational techniques in astrophysics and cosmology. Lectures will be combined with hands-on projects, professional development and networking, with the goal of mentoring advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students to …

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OAD projects and their link to SDGs

OAD funds and coordinates projects that aim to use astronomy to impact on one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.   It may not be obvious to everyone how the tools, methods and content of the field of Astronomy are relevant to the SDGs. However, below are some …

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Office of Astronomy for Development: GAM2018

In the past, astronomy’s place in society was well understood. We relied on the moon and positions of stars to determine our calendars, we tracked the movements of planets and drew inspiration from the Milky Way. We raced to be first on the moon as a sign of progress and …

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update: press publicity and videos

Inspired by the discovery of the remarkable TRAPPIST-1 planetary system, an astrophysicist, a musician, and an astrophysicist/musician decided to explore what happens when the rhythms and harmonies of astronomical systems are translated into music so they can be heard by human ears. The result is SYSTEM Sounds, a collection of …

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