Before you Apply

Before submitting your proposal, please go through the following pages in this section to learn more on how best to design a project.

Please have a look at the Expressions of Interest Phase that have been submitted in 2016. 

1. Evidence & Evaluation: The OAD believes in adopting a scientific approach to outreach and educational projects. This section illustrates the importance of using evidence-based methods in project design and running evaluation of projects to measure outcomes.

2. OAD Impact Cycle: OAD Impact Cycle aims to enhance the OAD’s project design, selection and delivery systems to support continual improvement and potential expansion. By determining what works and, importantly, what doesn’t work, the OAD can develop a library of evidence on best practice and ensure a positive feedback loop for projects.

3. Knowledge Base: This will be a database of evidence providing data to serve the STEM education, outreach, evaluation and development communities. It will include academic publications on evaluated projects and lessons learned from previous projects funded by the OAD.