Astronomy Desk 10 Year Plan

This page is meant as a coordination point for the development of a 10 year plan for Astronomy Education and Outreach in South Africa.

Context: This is part of a process being driven by the South African Department of Science and Technology’s Astronomy Desk to develop a 10 year plan for Astronomy in South Africa. The OAD is interested in this process to learn from it and apply South African experiences to other parts of the world (hence this page being hosted on the OAD website). The Desk, which takes advice from an international reference group, has set up 7 Panels to help draw up this plan:

Panel 1: Excellence In Research – Research Niche Thematic Areas
Panel 2: Human Capital Development
Panel 3: Astronomy Education/Outreach/Science and Mathematics Awareness
Panel 4: Astronomy Technology Development
Panel 5: National Partnerships
Panel 6: International Partnerships
Panel 7: A Supportive Infrastructure For Astronomy Research & Development

The mission of Panel 3 (which is what this page is about) is to develop a 10 year plan for astronomy education and outreach in South Africa. The timeline for this is the end of October for the Panel (it will then be processed by the astronomy desk and the final sign off on this plan by the Minister should be around February 2014). The next event on the calendar is a presentation of progress to the astronomy community at the Astronomy Town Hall meeting on 1-2 August 2013. Input received before then will be incorporated into Panel 3’s presentation.

Following discussions thus far by Panel 3 on Education and Outreach a draft framework has been put together. Click here to download this draft (it’s just two slides, one on the broad framework and one brainstorming the strengths of astronomy).

We now call for input from stakeholders via the online form below. You may also send additional input by email to