Astro4Dev full moon mashups

The full moon mashups are monthly meetings to explore what could come from brainstorming across disciplines about development challenges – recognising that different fields have different strengths which, if brought together, could have some positive outcomes. See below for details on the mashups we’ve done so far.

  1. We have a mashup every full moon or nearest feasible day 
  2. The OAD will serve as a collection point of discussions, contacts, ideas and potential projects, such that even if a specific session does not lead immediately to an outcome/project, it could still do so at some point in the future.
  3. We will steadily take these conversations online, allowing input via a wiki, video connections to the Cape Town session or other collaborative online tools.
  4. We will also steadily encourage such full moon conversations to take place at other physical sites (they may be completely independent groups discussing the same topic, or groups connected to each other via video) with the hope that all notes/ideas/outcomes become consolidated on a common webpage.
  5. The big picture vision of these efforts would be to extract specific ideas for interdisciplinary projects that could be undertaken by volunteers across fields. Such projects would initially be presented as opportunities for volunteers in the form of “bite-sized” packages but could evolve into larger scale funded activities.

Upcoming mashup:

02 May 2018 

Previous mashups:

Fake news and Critical thinking (2) – 3 January 2018
Fake news and Critical thinking (1) – 4 December 2017
The Cape Town Water crisis – 3 November 2017
Challenges facing humanity – 9 October 2017