Role of the OAD

The role of the OAD is fundamentally that of a strategic coordinating centre. In order to carry out its mission the OAD plays several roles relating to this:

  • Implementation of the IAU Strategic Plan (SP): The OAD was set up to implement the IAU Strategic Plan, a living document that provides the broad guidelines in terms of realising developmental benefits from astronomy.

  • Strategic advice: The OAD, guided by the IAU Strategic Plan and a global view of development activities, provides strategic advice where needed to individuals and organisations involved in similar activities. As such the OAD functions as the ideal “first port of call” for development activities using astronomy.

  • Coordination and Facilitation: The OAD coordinates and facilitates global activities in line with its mission. Such efforts do not imply carrying out activities on the ground but rather sourcing partners or volunteers and providing them with the contacts, assistance and guidance necessary for them to implement a project.

  • Funding and Infrastructure: The OAD seeks to acquire or assist in the acquiring of funds and/or infrastructure as required by itself and its partners.

  • Implementation of projects: There are also specific developmental projects which are managed and administered by the OAD team on an ad hoc basis, often in a pilot format.